Episode 19: The Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (Notes)

By @ 02/19/13 in Show Notes
  • Jay’s 6th nipple ring is a barbell and it is hawt!
  • Gibsey isn’t a fan of piercings.
  • Jay brought up a story of a 5 year old girl giving head.
  • Gibsey got to 5th base, the lucky bastard.
  • Jay compares a baseball T to a ‘big black floppy donkey dick’ and Kevin becomes jealous and aroused. :p
  • Gibsey has a deep dark secret.
  • News of the century – the pope abdicated! Holy Schit, first time in 700 years.
  • Jay compares the pope to a hand puppet and Gibsey forgets his point.
  • Gibsey teases Kevin and the gang discusses the possibility of the first black pope.
  • Spidey goes ape-shit on a mom in times square.
  • Jay is going to be Big Bird for Halloween.
  • Jay wants to buy Angry Birds show curtain but Kevin won’t let him.
  • Gibsey brings up that Colorado is passing a Civil Union law. Yeah for Gay rights!
  • The gang discusses Gay marriage or Civil unions?
  • Crazy teacher in Tennessee says gays have no purpose in life.
  • Kevin admits he has no purpose in life, but that’s not because he his gay :p
  • Turns out the teacher works in special education and Kevin calls her out.
  • The meaning of life eludes the gang, so they talk about shit instead.
  • Kevin has zombie nightmares because homeless people live in the canyon next to his house.
  • Kevin and Jay’s neighbor brings over pink sprinkle cookies.
  • Jay loves him some eucalyptus and buys a versatile leaf blower…Kevin becomes jealous again.
  • Google maps lead a murderer to the wrong house, and Kevin is glad he is not a murderer.
  • Jay talks about a Florida couples that bond over doing coffee enemas together. Real story y’alls, its on TV.
  • Gibsey ruins espresso machines for Kevin and he almost loses his lunch. Most disgusting story evah!
  • Stuck on the toilet? Make sure to keep your Sudoku game nearby.
  • Kevin remembers 92 and remembers Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.
  • Jay loves his hairy toes and his Captain Kirk Mr. Potatoes Head.
  • Thanks for the story Steve!






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