What is SCHIT?

The better question to ask is, “What ISN’T SCHIT?” It isn’t good. It isn’t coherent. It isn’t pretty. Still interested? Keep reading.

Okay, I get it. You're setting the bar really low.

Bar? Oh, there’s no bar. There’s lots of vodka, whiskey, box wine and even some crappy beer. But we don’t have the kind of budget for an actual BAR.

No bar. Got it. But really, what is SCHIT?

A podcast. A website. A toll-free number where agents are not standing by and most likely no one will ever check the voicemail. SCHIT is all of these and much, much more. Too much for us to even be able to write about. Not because of a lack of time. But because we’re all kind of drunk.

A podcast? Now we're getting somewhere. What's it about?

Seriously, we’re drunk. So it’s about an hour long, because that’s all the longer we can make it before someone trips over a microphone, a dog or an empty liquor bottle and the whole thing goes to shit. I mean, “SCHIT.”